The Badger’s Sett

The Badger’s Sett Started life as a wedding design and hire business. After three years in the business we decided to branch out to offer the greeting card trade beautiful British designs.

The Greetings Cards

All our greeting cards are unique to our brand and us. We have created beautiful cards using hand drawn elements, textured layers, lovely sayings then finished off printed on the finest quality card, all here in the UK.

The Artist

PROFESSIONAL artists have been in Lynsey’s family for three generations so setting up her own greetings business draws on that experience, especially as her great-aunt’s landscapes were often turned into Christmas cards.

“Because of my father’s passion for painting for and nature” Lynsey said, “I was putting colour on paper, sticking leaves on card, squidging clay at a very young age. As soon as I could hold a pencil my father and I would draw plants, fish and pets and he inspired me with the idea of telling a story through Art.”

While studying for her BA (Hons) degree at Birmingham Institute of Art, Lynsey worked in greetings card shops and became passionate about a career in cards and associated stationery design.

She added: “During 2012 I married Tom and got very excited about designing all the associated stationery. My family and friends were so enthusiastic with the designs I knew it was the right time to start my career as an illustrator”.

Lynsey set up The Badger’s Sett while still in a school art and technology department, originally offering bespoke wedding stationery as well as a wedding design and hire service, and has now expanded to include cards. She said: “I wanted the notion of family and friends at The Badger’s Sett’s heart. Card giving and receiving is something we do to show appreciation and love to the people in our very own sett.

“Having grown up in a city I find it very inspiring and lots of my designs have urban wildlife within them. We live in one of the houses that surround a wood-sometimes, if we’re lucky enough, we cross paths with its wildlife. I also feel there is a demand in the market for a blend of British wildlife with the vintage element I’m so passionate about. Since we had our baby boy I’ve had more inspiration than ever, painting and drawing whenever he’s napping. I have also returned to children’s storybooks which have expanded my illustrative style to include a more fun and colourful narrative. I tend to paint traditionally in watercolours and acrylics, and then apply mixed media later. I feel it’s important the design expresses the thousand words the sender wishes to say.”

Interview extracted from ‘Greetings Today Magazine’ October 2015.